6 Ideas To Reduce Your Water Consumption

6 Ideas To Reduce Your Water Consumption

Whether you have an established yard or are just landscaping your new property, keep in mind what water consumption is required. Many families are moving away from the traditional backyard lawn and looking at ways to use xeriscaping instead. Here are six ways you can reduce your water usage outside and inside your home. 

1. Replace Some Lawn

Turn part of your grassy area into a backyard gathering spot. By replacing the lawn with paver patios West Palm Beach, you can remove the need to water that area. You can add some outdoor furniture and even a pergola or gazebo. You will be surprised how much you use this patio and how inviting it feels.

2. Plant Succulents

Choose plants that require very low amounts of water. Think of species that grow in the desert. There are wonderful varieties of cactus and other succulents that can be so interesting. With a dripper system, you can deliver small amounts of water to exactly where it is needed. No reason for large sprinkler systems that use large amounts of water. 

3. Remove Your Mow Strip

That area between your sidewalk and the street is sometimes called the mow strip. It is often a small area of grass that takes an inefficient amount of water in order to keep that area green. You often end up watering the sidewalk and the road. Change that area to some different sizes of gravel with dividers. It can be attractive and low maintenance. 

4. Change Your Showerheads

If your home was built before 1992, your showerhead may be using more water than you need. By replacing your current fixture with a water-reducing showerhead, the average family can save up to 2700 gallons of water per year. 

5. Recycle Your Water

During a drought when her secondary water was reduced, one woman used her children’s bathwater to keep her garden alive. Now that is creative thinking. Come up with some ways that you can also recycle your water. When there are water glasses half full at the end of a meal, don’t dump them down the sink. Water your flower pots instead. 

6. Check for Leaks

Studies show that the average city in the U.S. loses up to 20% of all its water through leaks. That drip in your kitchen or that toilet that runs is wasting water. Fix your leaks to save water and water damage.

Watch for ways you can conserve water, whether or not your area is in a drought. Saving water is a way to be a good global citizen.

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