4 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Fight Kitchen Fires

4 Ways Restaurant Owners Can Fight Kitchen Fires

Restaurants are a likely place for fires. The combination of oil, heat and chaos increases the chances of errors and flammable mistakes. Therefore, managers and owners should be cognizant of the probability of fire. They should also discuss employee actions and seek preventative measures. The following are four ways to minimize the likelihood of a restaurant fire.

1. Install Fire Safety Equipment

Proactive choices could reduce the harm fire has to the building and the people inside. Ensure that the kitchen and dining area are properly equipped with fire detectors and sprinkler systems. These devices react to smoke rising, giving an alert for people to leave the premises. The sprinkler release hits the flames, attempting to keep them at bay until authorities arrive. These efforts could save lives and reduce repairs.

The cooking area should also have solid ventilation, moving smoke and hot air away from others. These devices also fight grease buildup that could lead to devastating flames. Working with experts in kitchen exhaust ventilation New York. Fire extinguishers should be in the kitchen, near the main cooking devices, and in the dining area.

2. Schedule Regular Inspections and Maintenance

It’s not enough to have the equipment. Be sure it continues to work properly. Hopefully, you won’t need it often. But that means you won’t know if it’s working unless it’s looked at by specialists and tested. Be sure to read up on the state codes, following them correctly. Also, feel free to have people review the system at least once a year for peace of mind.

3. Have a Fire Safety Plan in Place

Make employees aware of the safety efforts, and have a plan for how people should react in case of a fire. Then, create an action plan, assigning certain people roles in helping to vacate the building and secure the premises. For example, you may have someone in charge of grabbing a first aid kit. Others may assist patrons.

Of course, saving lives should be the top priority. That means that no one should stay behind if in harm’s way. Remind people to leave and call 911.

4. Review Procedures with Staff

Have an annual meeting reviewing the practices. New employees should also have training before they begin work. If changes occur in the equipment or expectations, be sure to speak with the work crew.

Fires spread rapidly, and they can start over the littlest thing. So it’s important to arm your restaurant with the tools needed to fight a blaze and save lives. 

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