6 Distinct Stages of Alcohol and Drug Recovery

6 Distinct Stages of Alcohol and Drug Recovery

Addiction does occur overnight; it is a recurrent process of substance use that varies on each individual. Similarly, the recovery process is diverse and requires time, dedication, effort, and support. While some people are still in denial of the addiction, others choose to seek treatment as early as possible. The recovery path helps addicts curb stress, depression, and anxiety. Below are six distinct stages of alcohol and drug addiction recovery:

Pre-Contemplation Stage

An addict might be in denial, rationalize, rebellious, or have given up on any possibility of change. They do not understand the problem and believe there are no negative consequences. Also, others believe they are well and are doing the right thing. Generally, the addicts believe that substance abuse is more beneficial compared to seeking help. Through motivational interviews, the experts help the addicts understand addiction’s negative impact by broadening their focus. They get the assistance needed to move into the next stage.

Contemplation Stage

At this stage, the contemplators are fully aware of the negative consequences of substance abuse in their life. They accept their problems openly and are ready for drug addiction discussion. However, they still have not decided on the change and may come up with excuses. The process can take days, months, or years. Through motivational techniques, a professional will help the client weigh the benefits of seeking treatment or continuing with substance abuse.

Preparation Stage

Albeit most people skip the preparation stage and directly transition to the action stage from contemplation, it is vital during the recovery process. The preparation stage is where an individual is ready to change and has decided to take action. The addict is aware of the consequences and has decided to prepare for the life-changing process. At this stage, an addict needs total support from experts, families, and friends. The clinicians create the best recovery plan that suits their need to address the situation.

Action Stage

After going through the preparation stage, it is time to take action. An individual has accepted the problem and believes he or she can transition. This stage not only focuses on being sober but transforming into a healthier and productive lifestyle. The standard treatments include detox and residential therapies, 12-step programs, and the relapse prevention plan.  They must understand their addiction and swiftly goes through the recovery process. Also, they smoothly move to the maintenance stage without facing relapses.

Maintenance Stage

At the maintenance stage, an addict must adapt to and maintain the recovery lifestyle. During this time, the addict has gone through the entire treatment process or rehabilitation and needs to remain sober. However, the possibility of going back to the old habit is high. In case of relapse, an individual should accept and take it as a learning process and continue recovery. To maintain the lifestyle, an individual can participate in volunteer programs or engage in hobbies such as football. Today, most rehabilitation offer after-care services to their clients to support them after the treatment programs.

Termination Stage

Most people are believed to have recovered and can fully remain in that state. He/she is confident and does not feel threatened by the substances. Also, they fear no relapse. For instance, they have built their relationship, go back to work, and regain their health. To achieve this, avoid the triggers that may lead to relapse or affect your sober life.

It is essential to seek treatment at an early stage once you realize the substance disorder problems. The recovery procedure is diverse and may require more of your effort, time, and dedication. Through various treatment programs, an individual can achieve permanent recovery. View more on the treatment programs and resources utilized at each recovery stage.

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