Magical Garden Features

Magical Garden Features

A garden is already a pretty magical place, but it can become more magical with a little creativity and self-expression. If your yard bores you or you feel your garden needs a little something more, here are a few ideas about where to start adding a little magic to your outdoor spaces. 


Water features are an excellent way to add something special. As long as you have the room and an environment that allows for it, a small pond or a large lake with a lake fountain pump is a great way to bring the magic. Water takes maintenance, but it’s perpetually delightful, from the trickling sound of streams and fountains to the movement of fish below the surface and the beautiful aquatic plants you can include in it. Be careful to consider environmental factors before you install one, though. 


Trees are another great way to add something magical to your lawn or garden. When chosen correctly, the bark, leaves, and flowers of a tree can provide year-round beauty. The practical benefits of shade and the environmental benefits of wildlife habitats are also well worth the effort. Make sure to leave enough room for your tree to grow safely to its full height and diameter. 


Not all gardens can support open water or a healthy tree, and that’s fine. Maybe you don’t have room for it, or maybe there are water constraints. However, you can always make the most of any type of space and add magic with art. Sculptures come in many forms and all sizes, and if a sculpture isn’t really your style, you can think outside the box. Everything from your fence to your outdoor lighting to the stone paths underfoot can be artistically and creatively enhanced to bring some magic into your garden space. 


Never forget that the real magic happens when other people are around. Sometimes the best thing you can add to a garden is a space for entertainment, whether that’s an enchanting place to sit and eat, a fun space for your children to play, or a pool for swimming and exercise with friends. What’s the point of having a beautiful, magical garden if you never share it with the people you love?

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are countless options and innumerable ways to make your garden feel magical, so get thinking and get digging.

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