Moving Cross-Country for Your Dream Job

Moving Cross-Country for Your Dream Job

You have done it! You worked hard on your career and secured the job of your dreams. That job is several states away, so now you have to prepare to move all of your belongings halfway across the country. Searching for local moving companies in St Louis can be a daunting task; here are a few things you should consider: 

Price Point

Rates for any moving company you intend to employ should be transparent. Rates will be offered in different ways from company to company, so make sure that you get clarity on what the company will actually charge you. Will the moving rate be per box? Per hour? Is a total quote given in advance, or is it subject to factors that happen during the move? What’s the maximum price that you will be asked to pay after the move is complete? 

A good estimator will walk through your home and ask questions about your belongings and their final destination. Be sure to communicate with the moving professional which items you plan to leave behind, as that will affect your final quote. Most pricing issues can be ironed out in advance, just be sure to be thorough in your exploration of rates from company to company. 


Will the moving company package things up for you? Will it provide boxes? If so, how much will those boxes cost? Some moving companies charge inflated rates for materials used to package up your belongings, so be sure to gain clarity on what services you are actually employing a professional for. If you are on a budget, it may be worth trying to pack the boxes yourself. 

Also, it is worth asking about the experience of the mover and how they secure your belongings. This will prevent damage to your cherished possessions and give you confidence in your moving professionals. 


Is your moving company fully insured? Having a fully insured moving service means that if something breaks during the move, you can rest assured knowing that the expense to replace or repair the damaged item will be fully covered. There are two different types of insurance that moving companies generally carry, full protection and partial liability. If your moving company is insured only with liability, it can cause you many problems if a valuable item is broken, as this alternative level of liability may only replace the item up to 60% of its value. 

Overall, hiring a moving company is a daunting task. It might be right for you if you need to exert your energy on all of the other things that come with a cross-country move. 

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