How To Protect Your Employees In an Emergency

How To Protect Your Employees In an Emergency

Your goal as a business owner is to take care of those who work for you as you gain profit for your company. Having a plan if there is inclement weather or a fire protects your employees as well as the facility you work in. Here are a few steps that will help you map out procedures and keep everyone safe. 

Prepare Your Facility

Reinforcing your building to take the impact of a storm protects your employees as well as your equipment and product. Install a structural monitoring system on your roof to prevent it from collapsing due to the weight of snow, ice and rain. Evaluate each section of the property to identify any weak spots you may see then schedule them to be repaired as soon as possible. Keep the maintenance on your plumbing and wiring up to date. Hire companies to clear sidewalks and driveways when needed or purchase the equipment required for your staff to do it instead. 

Set Up an Escape Plan

Locate the exits that are the most feasible for your employees to get out of in the event something happens to your building such as a fire. Set up where each department should meet outside so that the supervisor can ensure that everyone is safe. Walk through the structure and determine the most stable spots in the facility. These are the places where your staff should go in the event of a tornado or other weather that could damage the property and hurt them. Determine what should happen to secure hazardous materials and equipment if there is an emergency. Document each of these with clear detail then distribute copies to everyone in the company. Keep one set secure so that you can access it if tragedy strikes and you must utilize it.  

Protect Your Data

If something were to happen to your facility, your data could be compromised and lost in the event. This could cause an issue when you are able to operate again. Consider moving a data backup off the premises of your business to a secure facility that can house it. Using a cloud server frees up space in your building while protecting your sales, accounting, and manufacturing information. This option lets you access the records that you need offsite as well as house your company’s essential software programs. Compare the plans and prices that work with your industry then contact the host organization for more information.

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