Top 2 Types Of Horse Jumps

Top 2 Types Of Horse Jumps

Equestrianism is one of the final remaining art forms of high-class European descent. In most of the sports industry, popularity is given to the team sports that attract thousands of fans each week. However, for a select few of the most wealthy individuals in the world, horse-related sports remain one of the most sought-after pastimes.

One of the most popular types of equestrian sports is the horse jump. A horse jump consists of an equestrian riding their horse over an obstacle of varying size and height. This is a nail-biting event because even the slightest mistake can send the horse careening off its path and losing the majority of available points in the round. The foundation of horse jumping lies in the types of jumps used by each venue and for each event. Here are the two most common types of horse jumps.

The most common type of horse jump is the crossrail jump. The crossrail jump is typically used during beginner classes to avoid excess strain on the horse as it learns how to navigate the course. Crossrail jumps involve two rails being placed in a cross-like pattern to mimic the accuracy required during major jumping events. This can help to train the horse to be precise in its footing and aim for the center of the obstacle each time. Thankfully, crossrail jumps are usually breakaway, so they will not harm an innocent horse.

The second most common type of horse jump is the triple bar jump. These jumps are self-explanatory, as they involve a set of three bars, which must be jumped in succession. This requires a high level of coordination between the rider and the horse. Online resources can offer more information regarding the benefits and shortcomings of triple bar jumps

When teaching your horses to jump, schooling horse jumps are a must. Schooling horse jumps can be used for both novice and advanced levels of horse jumping, as they can deploy a set of uneven poles that are designed to challenge the horse and the rider alike. These poles are set up in confusing patterns to distract the horse from the true location of the poles. 

These are the most common and most popular types of horse jumps currently being used in the equestrian industry. Equestrianism is an art form as well as a sport that must be protected as the world progresses further away from it.

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