4 Safety Tips for Solo Travels

4 Safety Tips for Solo Travels

It’s a story told far too often: a woman traveling alone or simply walking to her car becomes the victim of a heinous crime. Stories such as this one may sway a woman to never want to venture out on her own. However, there are a variety of ways women may protect themselves when faced with a potentially dangerous or life-threatening situation.

1. Consider Concealed Carry

The United States Constitution gives the American people the legal right to bear arms. Gun permit specifications vary from state to state. Some states require completion of a firearms safety program; others may only require filling out an official form. Most states also have laws that allow concealed carry. Individuals should make sure they thoroughly research effective concealed carry options for women and double-check state requirements. Locations such as government buildings or airports likely have rules against carrying.

2. Research Other Weapon Options

Conceal carry may not be for everyone. Luckily, pocket knives and multi-tools are widely accepted items to possess. They are small and relatively light, so they can be hidden in purses, pockets, etc. Pepper spray can also be kept as a potential deterrent. Most standard pepper sprays clip onto a purse or keychain and can be activated at a moment’s notice. The only downside to these accessories is that they too are restricted in some areas or buildings. 

3. Enroll in a Self-Defense Class

Self-defense classes have gained traction in recent years, especially in incredibly large cities with high crime rates. If weapons seem too extreme, self-defense classes could be a viable substitute. Many self-defense classes include multiple sessions and fair pricing. Individuals may learn both offensive and defensive techniques in order to protect themselves. If self-defense classes are not offered locally, women may consider looking into martial arts. While self-defense may not be the main focus of certain martial arts, learning the techniques could prove beneficial in a moment of need.

4. Check In With Friends and Family

Even if weapons or self-defense classes are utilized, it is vital for women to always check in with a close friend or family member. They should share travel plans with other individuals to ensure their location is known. If anything were to go wrong, someone would be able to alert the police. This fast action can possibly increase the likelihood of receiving prompt and necessary assistance in case of an emergency. 

Staying safe doesn’t mean hiding away in a locked house. There are several options that can improve personal safety and give women peace of mind. Women should use whatever form of protection they’re comfortable with because if they’re nervous, fearful or uneasy about a self-defense option, it won’t help them in a time of need.

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