Tips for Finding a Reputable, Responsible Dog Breeder

Tips for Finding a Reputable, Responsible Dog Breeder

Adding a dog to your family is exciting, but it comes with responsibilities. You need to research the type of dog that is right for you and determine whether you will adopt or use a breeder. If you have decided that you want a specific type of dog, such as a German Shepherd, adoption may not be your best option. Therefore, these are a few tips to help you find a reputable, responsible breeder.

Meet the Parents

The best way to identify your puppy’s demeanor and appearance is by visiting with its parents. For example, if you want champion breed German Shepherd puppies, you need to be sure that the puppy’s parents meet these specifications. Therefore, spend some time with them, but also, check their registration paperwork. You should also ask for the medical history of the parents and puppy. If you have children in your family, bring them to meet the parents as well. Make sure that everyone in your household will feel safe around your new dog.

Interview the Breeder

Your first contact with a breeder is probably a phone call, so pay attention to how you are treated on the phone. Then, ask to meet your prospective breeders in person, preferably at the location where they breed their dogs, such as their kennel or home. If they are far away, you may ask to video conference with them.

Look around. Is the area where the dogs are kept clean and safe? Do the dogs look to be well-fed? Do they run to the breeder and visitors, or do they shy away? The dog’s demeanors will tell you how they are treated by the breeders and whether you should be purchasing your dogs from this location.

Pay attention to the questions the breeders ask you. Do they want a quick buck, or are they truly looking for loving homes for their puppies?

Develop Relationships

Your breeder is a valuable resource for you throughout your dog’s life. These individuals will tell you how to care for the dogs, what kind of veterinary treatments may be necessary and what type of training they will need.

Therefore, during the interview, ask questions, especially those that may seem like common knowledge, and pay attention to how the breeders answer them. Are these individuals condescending or patient? Were the answers rushed or explained in a way that even a layperson would understand? Pay attention to how you feel around the breeders, as if you have a good rapport, or do you feel unsure or on guard.

Choosing your breeder is just as important as choosing the breed of dog you plan to bring into your family. Do your research to ensure your puppy has a safe, conscientious and caring breeder.

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