Smart Showers Common Features

Smart Showers Common Features

With the introduction of voice-activated controls, smart showers are becoming more common. Like smart shower Alexa, you can use voice commands to control your shower and bedroom lights and even choose to dim the lights in the shower. This means that you can take a shower without having to reach for a knob or turn a knob. The smart showers also let you use your Bluetooth speaker while bathing. Contact your own online shower builder to experience having a smart shower.

Select and set the water temperature you want

Smart shower can be controlled through an app you download onto your smartphone or tablet. Once you have downloaded the app, you can select and set the desired water temperature for a comfortable shower. If you have a busy lifestyle, the app helps you stay on track with your daily schedule. It can also save water by encouraging you to take shorter showers.

You can customize the temperature of your shower by entering a unique PIN and language into the shower’s mobile app. Once you’ve entered all this information, you can use the mobile app to sync the shower controller. After the shower is paired with your smartphone or tablet, you can set the time and duration of your shower. You can even program it to shut off when you’re done automatically.

Can double as a waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Some showerhead is a detachable speakers with a waterproof Bluetooth connection. The speaker can deliver high-quality sound, and you can pair it with several devices. Unfortunately, the speaker lacks volume control. That said, it’s definitely worth the money. And, because it’s waterproof, it’s more convenient than a regular speaker for listening to music while you’re showering.

It is an affordable way to add a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to your bathroom. With a built-in Alexa speaker and brushed nickel or matte black finish, this shower head makes it easy to listen to music while taking a shower. This speaker also works with a mobile app so you can take a piece with you on the go.

This Bluetooth speaker connects to any Wi-Fi-enabled music player, including smartphones. The speaker can receive a signal from up to 32 feet. It’s powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery and has a built-in LED that indicates if the battery is running low. Once you’re finished showering, remove the magnetically attached speaker to recharge the unit.

Controls multiple bath fittings

ThermaSol’s new ThermaTouch LCD touchscreen controller allows you to control all aspects of your home spa experience. It pairs with the Serenity Light and Sound Rainhead to provide a truly immersive experience. In addition, the touchscreen uses body capacitance to read temperature more accurately than standard contact temperature sensors. ITS technology is exclusive to ThermaSol and can even be used to control Alexa voice commands to control chromatherapy options.

MicroTouch steam only controls employ capacitive touch technology to detect the temperature more accurately than standard contact sensors. With a simple tap, you can adjust the steam temperature, time, and duration of the shower. The SteamVection steam head adheres to ThermaSol’s trademarks with floor-to-ceiling temperature uniformity. Unlike traditional steam shower heads, SteamVection delivers a consistent temperature zone in every part of the shower.

Lets you use your bathroom fixtures without touching anything

Smart home platforms, including voice control capabilities and improved music and lighting experiences, are another feature. The connected bathroom suite includes everything from a shower to a sink, making it possible to use your fixtures without touching anything. This is a significant step forward in smart home technology, and it will help homeowners save money on their water bills.

Despite the technology behind smart home devices, bathrooms are not particularly sophisticated. Standard bathroom fixtures include a toilet, sink, and mirror, but they can vary widely in size, shape, and manufacturer.

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