How to Reduce Heat Exchange Through High Windows

How to Reduce Heat Exchange Through High Windows

Large windows are a much sought-after architectural detail in new homes. Real estate agents hear over and over again how buyers want light and airy rooms. But, with light comes the sun and also the heat. In the winter you will want to let all that wonderful warm sunshine in, but in the summer that is a different story. If you have vaulted ceilings with tall or high windows, then you have probably wondered how to keep the heat out in the summer. Here are some ideas on how to handle those hard-to-reach windows.

Leave Them Open

If you don’t want to cover the windows because you like the light, then there are some ways you can still reduce the heat exchange. First, make sure they are Energy Star windows Philadelphia County PA. The quality of the window will make a huge difference. Just because you can’t see the window up close doesn’t mean you should get the cheapest one possible.

If you are not ready to start replacing windows just yet, then you can purchase heat controlled window film. This is sort of like a window tint for your home. It will filter the light coming into the room and reduce the amount of heat coming through.

Automatic Shades

For a little more money you could install automatic shades. By installing a motorized shade, you can choose when you want the light to come in and when to block it out. Some of these shades are on timers and some come with remote controls. You can even find ones that work with smart home systems, like Google Home or Nest. Remember that you will need to power the shade. They come in a variety of colors, including black-out shades. This is a flexible option that will win points and impress guests. They are also great for movies or afternoon naps.

Floor to Ceiling Drapery

If you love the light but simply aim to soften it a little, then drapery will give you the greatest number of options. You can hang drapes and sweep them to the side, or purchase valences that hang over the top of the window. Big long drapes that hang from the ceiling to the floor have a luxurious look like no other. By hanging long drapes you retain the ability to open and close them without a ladder. Just make sure you use large, strong hardware to handle the weight of the drapes and match the scale of the windows.

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